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Heather Honey

Surrender to Bliss at the hands of a skilled masseuse.

  1. Jackster says:

    12-22-2014, 07:50 PM

    Heather Honey; MY Christmas Present

    Usually every Christmas, I’ll treat myself to an outing with an SP I haven’t seen before. There wasn’t a lot on Heather on this site, so it peaked my interest….So after some research and viewing her website, I decided on Heather Honey ( ) She is the “type” I have desire for. Petite, lithe and focuses on the sensual side of a get-together. I was pleased and enjoyed our relaxing time together.
    I am always a little nervous going in to these meetings, so Heather offered to give me a relaxing massage. Fit the bill perfectly as I guess I was more tense than I thought. After some mutual massage and some great DATY, Heather gave me a slow, sensuous BBBJ which ended with CIMWS.
    After she quickly hopped back into the massage that I was so enjoying. We relaxed a while, spoke about various topics at length and she really put me at ease. She is capable of carrying herself on most any topic, but her real interest is Naturopathic medicine and healthy eating.
    Once we felt the mood again, we got into a tightly wound position that was Hot. We moved into several positions before I finished with round two.
    Her rates may seem a bit high for some, but I don’t mind as long as I feel I received my money’s worth.
    AS for the summation…I’ll continue with my usual visuals as the number system is too subjective.

    Looks: like Cheryl Hines of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Her look is the 38 year mark as she advertises, but the body looks more like 28. I really loved the pencil eraser nipples. MMMMmmm. She’s tiny and willowy.
    Attitude: Very relaxing and she put me at ease quickly. Her personality reminds me of Lara Spencer.
    Service: Like an old time boudoir affair from a French movie. Slow, sexy and leaves an imprint on your mind.
    All in all, a nice time. She can be a little sensitive down there and does not enjoy the hard romp type of affair, so if that’s your thing, look somewhere else. Also not big on the DFK but rather prefers tender little LFK’s.

    A very Merry Christmas to all…

  2. Slow It Down says:


    Well, here it goes.

    It get to reply to my own post.

    Having just encountered the HH I have to say a positive experience at a

    nice hotel.

    A little slow getting started, but that put dent in her mini bar while

    getting caught up on Victoria and Calgary.

    For me, the slow fuc was just right a couple of different ways. Very

    personable and easy going. Not a jump and hump type.

    Very slim with two smartie highs nipples! smallish but sensitive B’s.

    Pretty much everything regular on the menu.

    8.5 all the way. repeat yes

  3. GTM says:


    I guess I’ll jump in here. My first TOFTT. I might just shed a tear.

    I have had the pleasure of Heather’s company twice now and would

    recomend a visit without hesitation. She is a real sweetheart and fun to be

    with and play with.

    While I would say her pictures are accurate, she suggested that they

    were old and that she intended to update them soon. I guess she hasn’t

    changed much since she had them done last.

    I’m not sure I’d recommend her to the hit and run artists who are

    looking to score early and often (although MSOG is available). Both of my

    meetings with her have started slowly with a massage (great hands) and

    some conversation. If you read her website, she recommends a minimum of 2

    hours to take in the full HH experience. I’d say that’s s good idea if

    you can swing it but I suspect an hour would also be cheerfully

    accommodated. If you are true to your handle SlowItDown, you’ll be in good


    So by all means, book a visit, take your time, be nice. She told me

    she’d like to visit Calgary once a month. That’d be just fine by me

  4. Funloverking says:


    Heather Honey

    Saw Heather Honey,

    Due to some sensitive members on this board, I will keep this review

    very generic and brief.

    – Great attitude

    – Nice massage

    – Good body

    – Good conversations

    – Nice hotel

  5. Beermiester says:

    Heather Honey Review

    I’ll just start off by saying this is my first review. I’m more of a

    lurker than a poster. But I noticed there’s not much in the way of

    reviews on this girl. Good or bad so I thought I’d take the plunge.

    As with all things, YMMV. And I’m not much for going into the intimate

    details as it’s personal between me and the lady.

    After exchanging a few emails and bouncing around on the time, we

    finally agreed on a time. Her website recommends 2 hours so that’s what I

    went for. I’m glad I did.

    She is very easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable from

    the moment you walk in. She has great hands and gives a great massage to


    I found her not to be a clock watcher. Infact when I asked “if we had

    time to go again,” she said, “oh ya, we’ve got lots of time.” Then she

    looked at the clock and we had actually gone overtime. So a quick

    scramble ensued to get dressed and on my way before an awkward meeting at the

    door with the next appointment.

    She has a rockin tight lil’ body. The pictures on her website were

    accurate so there were no surprises.

    I’d see her again.




  6. Ace McCool says:


    Heather Honey

    Ok, here’s my first review.

    Thought I’d throw my two-bits in as I usually check out reviews of various SP’s prior to making a choice.

    After checking out Heather’s website and several emails back and forth we decided to get together for a 1 hour rendevous at her hotel accomodations.

    I’m usually leary of longer initial meetings for various reasons. If the 1st goes well then I will repeat.

    Upon arrival at her suite I was greeting by a very hot looking blonde wearing a very skimpy mini-skirt and high heels.

    Heather is exceptionally attractive and very much resembles the pictures on her website. We started out with Heather giving a great massage, she sure knows how to tease as she rubbed her sexy bod along my backside. She’s also very easy to talk to.

    After 15 minutes or so we indulged in the standard menu of offerings. Excellent CBJ followed by daty, doggy and mish. Great view from behind as her ass is one of her best features…as detailed by the pics on her website. Heather does seem to get into the sessions and she is a bit vocal, which of course drew the attention of housekeeping during my encounter with her.

    After extending my stay by a bit I thought it best not to outstay my welcome, although I did make an appointment for a repeat the next day. She’s definately worth the two hour visit.

    Heather is a rare gem, treat her right so she keeps comming back. I’ll definately repeat on her next visit.

    To sum up, Very attractive, fit, tight, and toned. Knows how to dress up for the situation. Easy to talk to and gets into her sessions. Definate repeat.

  7. Stone says:



    After reading a few good reviews of this lady I decided to pay her a

    visit, booked an hour with her this afternoon and Im glad I did. As

    others have said she looks just like the pics on her website. The only thing

    you dont get to see on her site is her very pretty face, she has a coy

    little smile and mischievous eyes. I found her to be enchanting to say

    the least. I started with a quick shower followed by an expert massage,

    then we moved on to more playful things. I’m a fan of daty and found

    her quite vocaly responsive. She is also shaved just right, little strip

    left, very sexy. Her menu had everything I wanted, ( Im not big on

    greek so I didnt ask about it) and she is really what I consider perfect as

    far as looks go. So all in all I had a great time, will see her again

    next time shes in town for sure,.

    I dont have much to add around here normally, I tired to answer all the

    usual questions . If I missed somethin , ask away !